Portraits in Faith

One of the most fascinating websites – Portraits in Faith –  examines faith from all religions, all countries.  A Rabbi who was an atheist is worth listening to.

Portraits in Faith – Ervin Birnbaum

Rabbi Birnbaum is the retired Msorati Rabbi of Netanya, Israel who survived WWII in Hungary.  A young boy, schooled in Chasidic thought, he rejected religion in favor of socialism, communism, and marxism, and was on The Exodus, the infamous boat of illegal immigrants to British Mandate Palestine.

“Rabbi Birnbaum openly speaks about being an atheist rabbi for many years until an encounter of the scientific kind, with the plight of the Mariner explorer to Mars, that led him to believe that there is an order to the universe, that there is a God. Rarely do we get to know one of our friend’s parents so deeply, and rarely do we get to understand the long term journey of any individual.  Ervin Birnbaum served the community of Netanya for many years as one of its leading progressive rabbis, and it is such a blessing to understand the complex path of faith that has been his journey.”