My 2 left feet

Do not ask God to guide your footsteps if you are not willing to move your feet.

Not sure where this saying came from but it made me think about how I don’t finish projects.   I enjoy the process of conceptualizing and planning but it’s hard moving my thoughts and dreams into reality. 

I have written children’s plays, poems and stories – they languish on my computer.  I start knitting sweaters – they are half done.  The dresser I gave a make-over to is half made-over.  There are enough beads and findings in my cupboard to outfit the queen of England (if she wore costume jewels). I could go on and on but at risk of making myself feel badly I won’t! 

I love the conceptualization, gathering the tools and reading the how-to’s.  It’s as though when I’m done with all the preparation finishing the project is anti-climatic.  It was already finished in my mind long before I started.  Process motivates me.  Product isn’t so important.


Not sure why God gave me two left feet.