Prayers for Tests & Difficulties

 I adjure Thee by Thy might, O my God!

Let no harm beset me in times of tests,

and in moments of heedlessness

guide my steps aright through Thine inspiration.

Thou art God, potent art Thou to do what Thou desirest.

No one can withstand Thy Will or thwart Thy purpose.

 *     *     *

Dispel my grief by Thy bounty and Thy generosity, O God, my God, and banish mine anguish through Thy sovereignty and Thy might.

Thy seest me, O my God, with my face set towards Thee at a time when sorrows have compassed me on every side. I implore Thee, O Thou Who art the Lord of all being, and overshadowest all things visible and invisible,

By they Name whereby Thou has subdued the hearts and souls of men, and by the billows of the Ocean of Thy mercy and the splendors of the Daystar of Thy bounty, to number me with them whom nothing whatsoever hath deterred from setting their faces toward Thee, O Thou Lord of all names and Maker of the heavens.

Thou beholdest, O my Lord, the things which have befallen me in Thy days, I entreat Thee, by Him Who is the Dayspring of Thy names and the Dawning-Place of Thine attributes, to ordain for me what will enable me to arise to serve Thee and to extol Thy virtues. Thou art, verily, The Almighty, the Most Powerful, Who art wont to answer the prayers of all men:

And finally, I beg of Thee by the light of Thy countenance to bless my affairs, and redeem my debts, and satisfy my needs. Thou art He to Whose power and to Whose dominion every tongue hath testified, and Whose majesty and Whose sovereignty every understanding heart hath acknowledged. No God is there but Thee, Who hearest and art ready to answer.

 *     *     *

O thou Whose tests are a healing medicine to such as are nigh unto Thee, Who sword is the ardent desire of all them that love Thee, Who dart is the dearest wish of those hearts that yearn after Thee, Whose decree is the sole hope of them that have recognized thy truth! I implore Thee, by Thy divine sweetness and by the splendors of the glory of Thy face, to send down upon us from thy retreats on high that which will enable us to draw nigh unto Thee. Set, the, our feet firm, O my god, in Thy Cause, and enlighten our hearts with the effulgence of Thy knowledge, and illumine our breasts with the brightness of thy names.