Tutorial – Grafitti Board – Anger Release

Tutorial – Graffiti Board, ANGER Release

Anger & fibromyalgia (or ANY LIFE ALTERING CONDITION) are buddies.  Both hang out together sometimes in public, always in private. They often prefer to be invisible to others  . . . and sometimes to ourselves.
I’ve never thought of myself as an angry person, still don’t, but the UNEXPRESSED anger I’ve felt over having my life turned upside down and not knowing how to redefine myself created an indescribable loss of control.  For years after my diagnosis I found myself impatient, short-tempered and jealous of others who I perceived as “whole”.

Instead of writing in my journal I did a Graffiti board. It’s easy, immensely satisfying and healing.  Here’s how:


  • Throw-away piece of cardboard (you can use the back of cereal boxes, mailing cartons, paper or journal pages – whatever you don’t care about “messing up”.
  • Permanent black marker
  • White paint or gesso
  • Cheap acrylic paint
  • 5-fingers or a small piece of sponge (I like to use make-up sponges – the cheap kind that are triangular in shape and come in packages)

Work VERY quickly, intuitively.  Don’t analyze, stylize or otherwise think!

1.  On a piece of cardboard, with a permanent marker write whatever angry thoughts come to mind.  Swear, yell, name names.  Say anything and everything that angers you past, present, future.
2.  White-wash over it with diluted white paint or gesso.  You can let some of your “graffiti” show through, cover it completely – whatever you choose.
3.  Using your fingers or a sponge brush paint the colors of “giving love.”
4.  Using your fingers or a sponge brush paint the colors of “receiving love”
5.  Using your fingers or a sponge brush paint the colors of God or whatever spirituality is for you.
6.  Finish your board in any way you choose:  Write more words, rub paint away, drizzle paint etc.

Then sit back and smile, knowing that no one but you knows what’s underneath all the paint!

(Thanks to Laurie Zagon and http://www.Art4Healing.org for creating the original painting process which I’ve modified.  Check her non-profit out, it’s incredible)